A D BELL Under Sail " Outer Harbour Portsmouth Dated 1953

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Title:Under Sail " Outer Harbour Portsmouth Dated 1953
Additional Information:
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Size:10" x 14"
Category:Shorescenes and Harbours
Artist:A D BELL
Dates:active 1920 - 1950
Artist Biography:
Much has been written about the artist ( or group of artists !) There appears to have been three artists sometimes using this name - Murray, Knox and A D Bell. R Macgregor can be added to the list. See the book, HiddenTalents for full details. Further information from research. Painting is signed by A.D Bell the pseudonym often used by Knox when painting under the name of A.D.Bell for a Birmingham art dealer whilst under contract to Frost and Reed. The artist is well known for his marine paintings of Clipper Ships, Harbour scenes and Landscapes with views of the West Country, Scotland, Ireland and Venice. Prior to becoming a full time artist Knox was an engineer and served in the Royal Flying Corps during the 1st World War.
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