Collecting Watercolours

Collecting Watercolours


The first thing we say to collectors is that you should love the painting - then it will give you pleasure every day when you see it on your wall.

Is it right? Knowing if a picture is by the artist claimed is crucial, which is why buying from reputable dealers is important as they have a reputation to maintain.

Is it in good condition? This is crucial with watercolours as fading and other damage cannot be corrected. Once the colour is lost so is the value of the painting, blues will fade particularly badly so check the sky first. A brown tinge of dirt built up over the years and 'foxing' - the little brown specs can both be dealt with by a professional restorer.

Is it the right price? Always difficult to judge but a little experience will soon give you an idea. Price guides can be bought that show recent sales but remember that the price is hugely dependant on the condition and subject matter of the painting. For examples views of London are widely collected so bring more than equally as good paintings by the same artist.

Is it a good investment? We always advise people to buy because they love the picture, not purely for who it is by.

Over time,the works of collected artists in good condition will always have a value, so enjoy the painting on your wall and if you have to sell it you may be pleasantly surprised...

If you are lucky enough to be able to buy fine paintings then do so - and enjoy them!

For more advice on collecting, please contact us by telephone (0777 558 2454) or via our Contact page.